Saturday Start

I cast on a new project on Saturday – the It’s All Right mobius cowl. It is really more of a shoulder -width wrap than a cowl, but you could really wear it either way 🙂

The design is by Ellen Thomas, The Chilly Dog. It is an MKAL which Maker’s Mercantile is putting on. I got the kit from them – the main color of yarn, seen here is Silbermond by Zitron, in the evocatively named colorway 06. I did buy the kit yarn for a contrasting stripe at the bind off edge, but not entirely sure I am going to use it. I may stash dive for the stripe, as I am not thrilled with what I did get. We shall see.

The cast on is the tricky bit with mobius, and I spent the first two rows convinced that I had messed it up. But as you see here – nope! It is fine. I have done 5 rows of the 16 in the first clue so far. I’d like to try to keep up with this MKAL, as there are a lot of other projects in my queue!

How are your projects going – crafty or not?

15 thoughts on “Saturday Start

    1. I hope so! I did one other mobius cowl but it was just a small one with bulky yarn and didn’t have any real patterning, so this is one step more complicated than that 🙂 If you ever do want to try it, the designer of this pattern has a good video on it, and also there’s a good one by Cat Bordhi out on YouTube.

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  1. I’ve never knit a moebius, at least not on purpose. I did once knit 5 inches in linen, only to discover a twist in my knitting. I wonder how that that differs from this kind of created moebius?

    I did go look at Cat Bordhi’s video, and it very cool looking. I’ll add it to my list of things to play with this year…eventually!

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