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Birthday Week!

It was a busy week this week, partially because of work and some house and personal tasks that needed to be done, but also because Tuesday was my birthday! Surprisingly I did not get any yarn or knitting-related items. However, I did get some birthday cash, which I converted into yarn and a couple knitting books that are even now on their way. More about those probably next week! Other than that, I just finished knitting the mohair stripe scarf, and am about halfway through weaving in the ends. Pics tomorrow!

26 thoughts on “Birthday Week!

  1. My birthday was Thursday. I have always hated having a January birthday and this year is even worse. We picked up a hamburger for dinner! Hey I’m still on the right side of the ground so all good. How you had a good birthday. Sounds like you got the perfect gifts.

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    1. Happy birthday to you! I kind of like it because anything I wanted for Christmas but didn’t get I will likely get for birthday 🙂 Celebrating was different for us this year, as it was for many people. Was it a good hamburger?

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