Odyssey Progress

My Mom’s Odyssey shawl is moving along pretty nicely. Done with the first yarn and into the second.

It will definitely need some good blocking, as the lace sections make it pretty scrunched up. However, it is knitting up very cushy and warm. The first section was Leicester Longwool, the second is Jacob. The Leicester was very drapy and kind of silky. Jacob is a little crunchier. It is really interesting knitting these different wools together! The pattern is also fun to knit. There are long sections of garter, then a band of lace that is pretty intuitive to knit. So there’s a little complexity here and there, but not too much šŸ™‚

What are you working on these days? How is it going?

11 thoughts on “Odyssey Progress

  1. So pretty. I am not knitting on a baby bolero I plan to gift Christmas Day. LOL! Just a sleeve and front before joining it all for the yoke. And the every loving deep shawl collar! Good thing it’s just a 6-12 month size.

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  2. OH that wooly woooly shawl will be so lovely. I think garter allows the yarn to breathe and keep the person warm. I am lining mittens in my own way. Threading long stitches of warm wool on the inside of the Mitts. TOmorrow, I swear I am sitting and KNITTING more than the last few days. So much had to get done. And it did! Merry CHristmas. I

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    1. I hope it will! Yes, garter is so nice and cushy, and definitely warm as well šŸ™‚
      I saw your post about lining your mittens – that is a great idea! They are going to be so cushy and warm šŸ™‚ Hope you get to sit and knit and relax!


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