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There’s An App for That

I recently found out about a very cool knitting app published by Nihon Vogue. It has a stitch symbol dictionary which also has videos on how to do the stitch, and also has some patterns built in, along with knitting Q&A. As usual, please excuse the terrible indoor nighttime photos.

Search in either the App store or Google Play for Nihon Vogue. There is a free version with some stuff in it, but also a pay version with more content. It is pretty amazeballs! I learned about it in Gayle Roehm’s Japanese knitting class in this month’s VKL and honestly just remembered to tell you about it now. But that’s still just in time for Christmas 🙂 Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “There’s An App for That

  1. Oh wow, what a cool idea! I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised given how there are so many apps for all sorts of things, but this looks great. I’ll take a look at this and give it a download as I think my mum might quite enjoy this, and I never say no to the free versions of anything! Thanks for sharing it.

    Caz x

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