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Knitflix and Chill

We found a fabulous TV show the other night – The Repair Shop. This is a fabulous British show about a team of craftspeople who restore family heirlooms that people bring in to them. The objects’ owners always have interesting stories about the items and the reasons why they’d like them repaired. The craftspeople are fascinating too. There are woodworkers and machinists, along with upholsterers, ceramics experts, sewists, and many, many more. They work together, explaining what they are doing for the camera, and show you how they bring the pieces back to life. Sometimes things can’t be restored to full functionality, but they always fix what they can. Another interesting facet of how they operate is that they are not about making items good as new. They are about conservation of the item, and often that means preserving little nicks and dings of items. If you are at all into making do and repairing items, this show will interest you. Also, it is sincerely heartwarming. There’s no discussion of the monetary value of the items, just their emotional value to the owner and often, generations of their family. ***** Highly recommend!

Have you found anything really interesting to watch lately?

17 thoughts on “Knitflix and Chill

  1. We watch this, it started as a daytime show then moved to prime time and obviously now abroad. You forgot to tell people to have a box of tissues handy, I rarely get through an episode without my eyes leaking. 🥰. Heartwarming it is indeed,

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