Wednesday WIPs

I’ve got two WIPs going right now – the Flock of Four cowl, and a new project. The Flock of Four Cowl is going pretty well! I believe I’ve got one more pattern area to knit, then blocking and joining.

I just started the second project today, but I’m pretty excited about it. It will be my first Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em project! I bought a bunch of yarn in 2019, and am just getting started knitting it up now. I am doing Joji Locatelli’s (Ravelry link) Odyssey Shawl, using three different breed yarns.

The dark brown is Leicester Longwool, the medium brown is Jacob, and the cream is Gulf Coast. It will be for my Mom, who looks great in warm tones and who could stand some more warm accessories. So farm the Leicester Longwool is very silky and drapy feeling. It feels a bit like alpaca, though springier. I’m pretty excited to be getting going on this project and to finally doing something with my SE2SE yarns!

What are you working on these days, and how is it going?

19 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

      1. There wasn’t much left when I arrived at the booth-I purchased it at the Sheep and Wool festival in 2019. I am thinking I will double it up with another yarn. Maybe? What do you think?

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  1. Instead of actually working on things I keep searching for shawl or cowl patterns, and then discount all that I find! I have a skein of Olivey green fingering just waiting to be cast on for SOMETHING!!

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