2020 Ornament is Done!

Our KAL started Saturday with a lovely Skype call with Sarah, Kathy and my Mom and I. We all got a lot of our dumpster fire pieces done on our call, and I think we are all close to finished at this point if not done 🙂 So for anyone who is interested in doing this ornament, it is really quick to work up, you can make it with any size of yarn, and it takes very little – you can either use up scraps or buy a special set of yarn dyed up especially for this project! The pattern is (Ravelry link) Dumpster Fire by Kino Knits.

Here’s hoping that 2021 will be better!

14 thoughts on “2020 Ornament is Done!

    1. You know, it could really hang anywhere – in a window (especially since you have the yarn to make a big one), on a cabinet knob or doorknob, from a hook as a wall ornament… The uses are endless!


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