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2nd-String Crafting Holidays

So I know many people (me included) craft things for Halloween, and I know even more people craft things for Christmas. Is anyone crafting anything for Thanksgiving? Other than food, I mean.

Some holidays have all the crafty glory – yarn colorways and patterns, special knit kits, holiday appropriate quilting fabric and patterns… Is there much of anything for Thanksgiving? Other than the Sexy Turkey Hat, obviously. (The pattern for which is sadly no longer available.)

When I search on Thanksgiving on Ravelry, for example – I find amigurumi, crocheted turkey toys and decor items, and a ton of washcloths with the word “Thankful” on them. The only garments I see are hats, many of which are shaped like turkeys, and a couple pairs of mitts, which really aren’t anything to do with it once you open the pattern. Where are the Thanksgiving socks? The colorwork sweaters?

The only Thanksgiving yarn I could find is from Ramen Needles. Try going to Etsy and searching for Thanksgiving yarn. You will get a handful of results that are actually anything to do with it. Now try searching on Christmas yarn. Page after page of red and green, sparkling away.

Of course it isn’t just Thanksgiving that’s a crafty 2nd string holiday. Good luck finding anything for New Year’s that isn’t huge funny glasses or champagne glasses. Basically some kind of glasses. Where is the love for Groundhog day or Labor Day? Nowhere to be found.

And yes, I did buy some of that Thanksgiving yarn from Ramen Needles, even though I have no idea what I will be making with it. Or when that will happen. But it will be sometime 🙂

Are you crafting anything for Thanksgiving at all? If so, please share!

18 thoughts on “2nd-String Crafting Holidays

  1. I think Thanksgiving crafting was dealt a raw deal back in kindergarten when we all made turkey hands. It never progressed after that. I also think Christmas crafting takes so much time that it blocks out a lot of the time that could be devoted to Thanksgiving crafting. That being said Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The things that make it meaning to me are simple: time with family and friends and remembering all the things I am truly thankful for.

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  2. So sad that Thanksgiving is a 2nd string holiday. It is probably my favorite, definitely my hubby’s favorite. Low expectations, no gifts to buy. There should be more Thanksgiving knitting projects!!!

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