I have finished knitting the main part of my skirt – now for the finishing. I need to find or get some elastic for the waistband and sew that together, and I need to knit my pockets! The tough part of this is picking the pocket yarn. This is definitely coming out of stash, as there is so much of it. I was thinking of black, and I do have what is probably enough. But there are some other options that look really nice too…

There are some grays here that kind of blend with the fabric, a darker gray and a black, and two blues that I think might work. The lighter blue is the closest match to the blue flecks in the yarn, but it might be a little much.

Thoughts? Feelings? Feel free to comment!

19 thoughts on “Pockets!

  1. They’re all fun in their own way, but if it were me, I’d probably choose the medium gray to make it more versatile. If my pockets were blue, I’d feel like I had to coordinate, even if it was just the lining.

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