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Monday Notebooks

No socks to report on today, so I thought I’d throw in on Monday Notebooks, which nanacathy posts about somewhat regularly, and Kath at Backstage Knits recently posted about as well.

Like many other people’s, my notebook/note taking routines got thrown into turmoil earlier this year, and I’ve just now gotten a new routine more or less going.

I use Field Notes notebooks, which are pretty small. That’s mostly why I like them – a couple of them fit into my purse easily. Also they have some nifty features and some thought has gone into their design. I usually keep one for crafting notes and one for household/personal tasks and notes. I handle work notes differently.

The method I use is a simplified version of bullet journaling. I don’t do the fancy version with stickers and layouts. Mostly I just use some of the organizing functions of the system.

Do you use notebooks or any type of organizer? If so, what do you use?

18 thoughts on “Monday Notebooks

  1. I am hoping to get a set of field notes for my project bags. I have a mindfulness calendar organizer that I use for work, and a personal journal that includes lined paper for writing and dot paper for charting and drawing. However, starting in December this year I am trying a digital organizer on my iPad using GoodNotes. We shall see.

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    1. I’d be interested to hear about your digital organizer and how it works out! The other two journals sound pretty handy. I love Field Notes – they are little but just right for a small carry. Definitely good for in project bags!

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  2. I keep a notebook of things I did not so much feelings or personal things…I get behind a few days and Iโ€™ve no idea what I did and end up writing โ€˜catching up and did xyz but not sure on which date. If I ever need an alibi I will be buggered if it was a day i was behind in writing up.

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  3. I am a big notebook fan. For 2021 I am trying to stay in one size for everything but I think I will pull out some of my Field Notes and put them in my knitting bags to help keep track of my projects.

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