No FOs quite yet, but I did make some progress on my What We Do In the Shadows (WWDITS) cowl.

I decided to do planned pooling, but just do columns of color, and to make it a little more vampirey, added in a bat motif that I had the pattern for from my Fangtastic Socks. (Ravelry link)

Here is the cowl so far – I’m applying the bats at random.

I don’t know if the bats are entirely successful on the purple/black columns of the cowl, but I am OK with that.

Honestly, I have tried three different things with this yarn, and it’s really at the point where I’m just going to do this project and call it good. The yarn is going to start getting ratty if it gets ripped back much more. It’s just one of those variegated yarns that is a little difficult to do anything with, unfortunately. So cool – so hard to work with!

Any projects making you batty (ha!) lately?

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