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Stash Enhancement Saturday

I believe I mentioned having gone a little crazy with the Halloween yarn. Well, a lot of that has been coming in finally, making for some pretty happy mail days πŸ™‚

This is a mini set from Ms. Monster Creations that came with the nifty little bag from the Ginger Ewe. I really liked this fabric, and I love the yarns that the dyer came up with to go with it. My plan for this yarn is to make a cowl using the cabled ghost pattern from (Ravelry link) the Boo sock pattern. That’s the plan anyway. What will actually happen? Who can say.

I also got both the gradient and speckle Halloween clubs from Knit Circus, which came with really pretty progress keepers.

The speckle skein colors are inspired by We’re Wolves, which is a planned spin-off movie from What We Do In the Shadows based on the werewolf characters. The gradient skein is inspired by Sleepy Hollow. I am really happy with both! The progress keepers are from Lach and Lou, which I had not heard of before. But they have really pretty charms πŸ™‚

And last but not least, I’m a third of the way through my countdown to Halloween miniskeins from Ms. Monster – here they are in no particular order

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