Sock It To Me Monday: Slippers are Socks if you Squint

My felted slippers are done! These work up really fast, and are very cozy. My last pair fell apart in May, and it was already getting a bit warmer so I didn’t bother making another pair for summer. But now that it’s getting chilly again, time for more slippers!

Here they are before felting – my foot added for scale

And here they are after their trip through the washer on hot and extra agitation and a little while in the dryer.

They are still a bit big – the yarn I used is a wool/alpaca blend, and it didn’t shrink quite as much as plain wool would. However, a little big is better than too small. Especially when it gets cold enough to warrant socks as well as slippers 🙂

The pattern is (Ravelry link) Felted Clogs, and the yarn is Valley Yarns Berkshire in the Capri colorway. I also just got yarn to make more of these for family members, so those will be getting made in the near future as well. Do you have a slipper or sock pattern you really like and find yourself going back to over and over?

8 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday: Slippers are Socks if you Squint

  1. Those turned out great! I wasn’t crazy about the last felted slipper pattern I knit, but I found an old printed pattern when I moved that I remembered making several of for the family. So I will be trying that one again.

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