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Karen at Nothing But Knit has come up with another great quiz, this one about color! My answers to her questions are below, feel free to answer in the comments below or on your own blog.

  • What is your favorite color? How is this color reflected in your crafting?
    In years past I would have said black, but I think that has changed. Now it’s probably either gray or somewhere in the blue family. I seem to be drawn to the bright blue through aqua/turquoise. Not navy, though. That preference definitely shows in my stash and in my projects. There is way more gray and blue/blue-green yarn in my stash than any others.
  • Do you prefer bright colors or more subdued shades?
    A mix. Mostly for garments I like more subdued colors (gray) (other gray), but I like to have brightly colored accessories. And sometimes tops.
  • Does your color mood shift with the seasons? Do you carry one color all year and just change the accent color?
    My color mood shifts in fall to all the fall and Halloween colors, but otherwise is pretty consistent through the year. Most of the year I wouldn’t touch orange – but for Halloween it’s orange\purple\green all day every day.
  • Is there a color you avoid? Or maybe it’s underrepresented in your crafting?
    I am not a yellow fan. There are two skeins of it in the stash as the result of a yarn club, but I don’t foresee getting any more of that color. And I don’t know what they will be used for. Oh well – something will present itself!
  • When you pick out your crafting supplies how important is color to you? Is it the first thing you consider or is it a bit further down the list?
    Color is in the top three factors. The fiber and yarn construction are important, but I don’t buy yarn in colors that I don’t like – unless its a gift for someone else, and then it’s still based on their favorite colors.
  • Do you ever consciously choose a different color palette just for the change?
    No. I’ve done it once or twice in an effort to be more wild and crazy, but never managed to finish those projects.

Thanks to Karen for the great quiz! What are your color thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Colorful Quiz

  1. Your answers ring true. I have tried to buy clothes in an “in” color only to find that I have no matching or complimentary accessories and I really don’t like it much so wasted money. If I look at my clothes closet, I’m pretty consistent with my color choices and almost everything goes with everything else.

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