My socks and skirt and progressing. There’s not much to show – they look mostly the same, there’s just more of them now. The skirt actually has a little bit of shaping to it, but its not very visible. So since there’s not much to talk about with the current WIPs, what’s next?

I finally have a plan for last year’s Halloween advent! I have been puzzling over this vast array of mini skeins for the past year and trying to pick a pattern for them. But they didn’t really seem suited for any of the projects out there that are for this much yarn. They don’t really make a fade together, and they are too special to just stick in a generic pattern for using up miniskeins. So I decided to make something up. The theme for this advent was Nightmare Before Christmas, so I am going to knit patches of the different colors and crochet and/or stitch them together into a shawl.

I’m going for a patchy, mismatchy effect, kind of like Sally’s dress

It won’t be the same colors as the dress, but just generally going for the effect. I’m planning on all kinds of different patches – mitered and center-out squares, long rectangles, striped sections… really they could be anything!

So the rest of September is getting the skirt and socks done and getting all of these mini skeins wound up, so it’s ready to go for October!

Do you ever get yarn (or other craft supplies) and then struggle to figure out what to do with them?

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