Sock It To Me Monday

Making some progress on DH’s Black Hole socks, but not a lot since last week.

I got no knitting done this evening, and it’s not looking great for tomorrow either. This afternoon I got an idea about how to move around some furniture (and get rid of some of a couple pieces) to solve some of our space problems in the house, and then got DH to agree to it. So right when we finished work, we got to it – moving furniture all over the house and throwing stuff away. And that took pretty much the whole evening. But it’s mostly done. Whew! When the process is totally finished and everything is in it’s ultimate destination, I think we will be happier with a couple of our spaces. It’s getting there that’s the chore.

Have you done any major rearranging and/or purging lately? What did you do, and were you happier when you were done with it?

9 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday

  1. Yesterday I binge watched the whole series of Getting Organised : the Home Edit on Netflix, so today will be reorganising my craft room into zones. Their voices are a bit screechy but they do have some good tips but even with the volume down their voices were ringing in my head after watching them ALL day 😂. On the plus side I added loads of rows to my mini Havana

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