Sock It To Me Monday: Black Holes Colliding

Nothing that dramatic is happening with the DH’s socks. I turned the heels (YAY!) and am proceeding up the legs, so that’s good.

However, exciting and dramatic things are being observed in real actual black holes out in space! You can read about it here (on or here (on the Weather Channel). I’d say it was happening right now, but really it happened billions of years ago – we can only just see it now because it was also very, very far away.

Anyway, that’s the Black Hole report for this week. Any exciting project or science related news you want to share? Do tell!

9 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday: Black Holes Colliding

  1. Somewhat science-related here…
    when we made the frozen butterbeer slushies, it was kind of like science. We put ice cubes and salt in a ziploc and then the cream soda and some butterscotch topping in another ziplock. The cream soda ziploc was placed in the ice cube ziploc and then you just shake for a few minutes. Slushy’s made! It was cool and I don’t know why or how that happened.

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