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Knitting Gift Quiz

This quiz is lifted from Karen at NothingButKnit who comes up with the best quizzes!

  • Do you gift your handmade items?
  • Do you have limits around who you gift to or what you gift?
  • What type of things do you like to make and gift?
  • Have you received handmade items?
  • Have you ever asked for a gift back?
  • Do you gift handmade items for holidays?

Here are my answers:

-I very rarely gift handmade items. There are a few people that are knitworthy to me – my DH, my Mom, my friend Nora, and very occasionally my brother and SIL and one of my cousins. Other than that, babies of close friends or relatives. But the vast majority of my knitting is for me.
-I definitely have limits around who I gift to or what I gift. I don’t get to elaborate for most people. And I don’t generally give gifts to anyone unless I’m sure they will appreciate it and will take care of whatever it is.
-By and large, gifts are hats or mitten or maybe a shawl. Adult sweaters are limited to my Mom and DH. Baby gifts are usually blankets, though sometimes I will do sweaters or booties or similar.
-I have received handmade items as gifts. Mostly from my Mom, who sews and has made me clothing. When I was little, she and my grandmother and a couple of my aunts made a lot of my clothing and things like afghans and so on.
-I have not asked for a gift back, though occasionally I have felt like it. Mostly I avoid this type of situation by being really, really picky about who I make things for.
-I occasionally gift handmade things for Christmas, but when I am going to do that, I work on things throughout the year and then put them aside until the holiday. I don’t make myself crazy trying to finish things on a short schedule.

Want to share your thoughts on handmade gifts? Do tell in the comments or on your own blog!

9 thoughts on “Knitting Gift Quiz

  1. It’s funny Karen has done this quiz at a time when I keep thinking about gifting the scarf I’ve woven. I don’t want to keep it as it has yellow in and I won’t wear yellow as it makes me look jaundice. My sister has olive skin and black hair (total opposite to me) and her birthday is in just over a week, but she’s careless with her clothes, mega fashion conscious and replaces her wardrobe so regularly I think she’d end up using it once and throwing it away. It is too bright for my dad to wear. It would suit my mum, but we are estranged and I’m not sure she’d want a gift from me. My husband says he’d wear it but he’s yet to wear the first scarf I wove him. I don’t know who to gift it to. My MIL threw away the dishcloths I made her when they got dirty and didn’t wash them in the machine like I told her to. So all in all, I think I’m best just being a selfish knitter.

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  2. Great questions and I went to the linked blog, thanks for sharing that! Only crocheted for immediate family (and one 18th gift). Not sure everyone appreciates hand made but I did from my two Nannas! Am currently crocheting a blanket for a baby but we’ll see how it goes 😉🧶

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