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Spooky Mail

Some of the Halloween treats I bought myself have started rolling in!

I couldn’t resist these Universal Monster stitch markers from FanGirl Fibers 🙂 I also ordered a Halloween countdown set of My Favorite Murder stitch markers from her, but they aren’t going to ship until closer to mid-October.

I also got a very cool project bag from The Ginger Ewe. Love this fabric! It is supposedly a medium size bag, but it is big enough to put several skeins of yarn in it. Also, it has pockets!

And finally my big Halloween yarn countdown/Advent/whatever from Ms Monster got here really early 🙂

It did not arrive like this – it was neatly packed when it got here, but then I ransacked it, so now it looks like this. I would undoubtedly repack and reorganize it several times between now and October 1st, because I am pretty excited to start opening these packets 🙂

What is your favorite holiday, and do you do any special crafting things for it?

20 thoughts on “Spooky Mail

  1. Ooooh! 🎃👻 I also love Halloween. I ordered some retro fabric from Spoonflower for my shirt and two skeins of yarn from Less Traveled Yarn. And the TurtlePurl Halloween striped sock yarn. I guess I should post about it! I was so excited to read yours. I hope you will post during October when you open each skein!

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  2. Oh my goodness – how fun! I love those markers and they remind me of when I was a kid and was obsessed with the classic Hollywood monsters! I have likely seen every B&W classic horror movie ever made and definitely ever Bela Lugosi movie! Enjoy your yarn countdown!

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  3. Fun stitch markers and fun project bag. I love Halloween prints. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are my favorite holidays. I have an autumn cross stitch that I need to start; it’s by the Crooked Cricket.

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