I was too lazy and disorganized last night to post my WIPs pictures, so I miss out on the alliteration. But in any case, here they are!

Side 2 of the Shelly Summer top is under way! I’m hoping to be able to focus on it this weekend and make some progress.

And the Black Hole socks are progressing as well. It’s just straight knitting until I get to the heel, so hopefully they will move along pretty well.

I know Alissa won’t be able to make it to a Skype meeting this weekend – is anyone else interested, and is our usual time on Sunday OK, or is a different time better? If anyone is interested, I will set it up!

18 thoughts on “Thursday…ThWIPS?

    1. If you click on your icon at the top of your menu pane on the left, you should see the option for Skype Profile. Your Skype ID will be there. You can message me either on IG (MarileRD) or I’m cozyknitter2 on Ravelry. Looking forward to it!


  1. I have always liked the look of Old Shale in a project. Kudos to you on knitting with black yarn. I have seldom used that color because it’s hard to see and have always made sure I did during the daytime and/or had plenty of light.

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