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Tiki Tuesday

I mentioned the other day that we previously had a tiki living room, which raised a few questions. Before you look at these pictures, bear in mind that I am decor-impaired, and was doing the best I could via thrifting and making over random junk to put together this room. We were pretty poor at the time, and also neither of us is particularly handy. So, with those lowered expectations in mind, here are a few pictures of our tiki living room.

The big bamboo (actually cast resin that just looked like bamboo) thing in the corner was a big fountain that featured water cascading down the spiral. I believe it was meant to be a garden feature. It was very relaxing. The bamboo deck chairs were our only living room furniture for a couple years. These blue curtains were the first ones – they didn’t filter light in the summer and had no insulating value in the winter, so they didn’t last long. My cousin, whose husband was stationed in Hawaii for a couple of years, sent us the masks and a few of the other decor items you see around and about.

There were twinkle lights in with the leaf garland across the top of the room 🙂 It’s hard to see, but the curtains have a sort of tiki-ish pattern woven into them.

It was kind of dorky, but it was fun. There is still a fair amount of tiki stuff spread around the house, but sometimes I miss having our goofy tiki room!

How about you – any dorky decor you’d like to confess to?

21 thoughts on “Tiki Tuesday

  1. I love this!!! (particularly the fish) The walls are great colours (and I like the artful blending between the blue and white). I am so super boring in comparison – I’ve always rented so no putting things on walls for me or having walls that are anything but badly painted magnolia or off-white. I will share some photos of my new ‘studio’ soon though!

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  2. I love it! I think it’s super fun. My only possibly dorky decor is all in my craft room, with my Twilight “shrine” with all the memorabilia. I also had a cow skull for a while, ala Georgia O’Keeffe, but I ended up letting my husband take that to the basement.

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  3. I love it! I believe your furnishings should reflect your personality and should make you happy:)
    When my husband was in the Air Force and we lived away from home our living room was decorated with cross stitch pictures I’d done. They were themed New England and patriotic. The patriotic ones were a grouping with other flag craft stuff. When we met new people there was no question where we were from once they saw our living room, you know, if they missed that strong Boston accent;)


  4. Our 2nd home had green carpet, the builders called it the Billiards Room. LOL! Or Putting Green, whichever sport you were into. The walls were Chinese Red, so it was truly a Christmas room. But our furniture went with the decor. The kitchen was a Terre cotta and the bedrooms were gold or teal. It was a truly colorful house. LOL!

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