Wednesday WIPs!

First, a project that is going well – Half the Knit Sky progress

I have the 6 rows of edging, binding off, and blocking, and it’s done!

Next, a project going not so well – Black Hole Socks

So, I have to start them again. I miscalculated on the stitch count, and they were just way too big. At first I was trying to just rip them back a little and pick the stitches up, but that was madness. Fortunately I wasn’t too far along – about an inch beyond the toes. Oh well, I’ll get them going again this weekend!

How are your WIPs this fine Wednesday?

10 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs!

  1. Haven’t started on any yet today. I usually start off each day feeding Minnie and then the outdoor stray. Then I power walk on our treadmill and hit the weights. Today I worked on our OMAD and then took the youngest to her sealants appointment. We had wait outside and “cool off” a bit because when they took our temps we were 101. It’s low 80’s here and the car was warm + I was wearing a long-sleeves and joggers b/c I didn’t want their furniture touching my bare skin. I will probably knit two rows of my shawl and then hit the socks.

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