Stash to the Rescue!

After poking around in my stash, I found some lovely charcoal gray sock yarn that I had actually just unraveled from a shawl I wasn’t wearing to use in my Christmas scrappy stripe socks. So here’s what I’ve got:

Please excuse the terrible indoor nighttime photo – will get a better one as things progress.

Also, there’s another virtual VK Live a bit later this month, and I’m signed up for classes again! They are letting people who registered for the Seattle event earlier this year use their credits for virtual events, which is a nice break. There is an in-person event scheduled for Seattle for next spring, but who knows if that will even happen, or if I will be in a position to go at that point. So when next spring rolls around, we shall see. But for right now, I’m signed up for some fabulous classes 🙂 I was going through the materials I will need for all the classes – and the stash has me covered for all of that, too!

What’s the latest fabulous thing you rediscovered in your stash?

16 thoughts on “Stash to the Rescue!

  1. Don’t you love shopping your stash and finding just what you need! I found the yarn for Arachne just sitting in my stash and the yarn for the two newest babies’ blankets. The third baby is expected in the fall so I’ve got another blanket to make. I’m just waiting to learn the gender. I’ll match the first 2 in color if it’s a boy and go with white and lacy if it’s a girl.

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  2. I rummaged through my stash yesterday just to take stock of it. I found a lovely skein of charcoal gray llama/silk blend fingering yarn. I don’t remember buying it but was thrilled to find it. It shall become a shawlette in the near future.

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  3. Oh, yay, VKL encore! What classes are you taking this time? I’m glad they’re letting Seattlites use their credits for the virtual events. I’m scheduled to teach at the next Serattle VKL, but yes, who knows if that can happen?

    Stash: I found the yarn for my most recent version of Half the Knit Sky! That was a win. Now trying to see if there’s something in stash to knit another top for Zoom teaching, but I’m working on another design project first. Fourth time’s a charm…feels like Groundhog Day.

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    1. Yes, I’m glad they are being reasonable with the credits! I do still want to go to the live event, but we will see what things look like when that rolls around. I’m taking a bunch of classes – Portuguese lace, intro. to sequence knitting, brioche lace, designing a round yoke sweater, intro to marling, and making tessalated motifs. And also signed up for a couple of lectures. The timing worked out with my job so I could take off Thursday and Friday, which is usually not the case with shortish notice.
      That was a lucky stash find – the yarn you found looks great! Looking forward to seeing your next design 🙂


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