Christmas In July Socks

I’ve been poking around my stash trying to figure out what to make Christmas socks out of, and came up with this:

They are Christmas mini sets from Gnome Acres that I’ve had for a couple years, and have not been able to figure out what to do with them.

So I think I’m going to make mismatch striped socks with them! However, each set is only 100 yards, so I am going to get some solid color yarn to stripe between the minis.

So here’s where I need suggestions. All I can come up with is white. That will be a little problematic with the one miniskein of eggnog, but otherwise it shouldn’t clash with anything else. However, it’s a little boring.

Anyone have any other color ideas?

20 thoughts on “Christmas In July Socks

  1. Hmm 🤔 it’s a tricky one because if any of these colours bleed then the white may become a bit muted. But they’d definitely stand out against the white. I can get a pairs of socks from 200 yards (I do have small feet and like small socks though) are you sure you need to add another colour? Do you have any very pale grey, green or blue?

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    1. That is true – I had thought about black, which would also work, but isn’t that Christmassy. Pale grey or green might also work with them. Good ideas – thanks! I have bigger feet and generally like longer socks, so I would need at least a bit more.

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  2. I love the idea of scrappy socks! I would go with green of some kind. I always struggle with how to use mini skeins. I’m going to keep this one in mind!

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