Arachne Update: Sleeve Edition

First sleeve is done! I did a little trying and ripping back – maybe twice with the first two pattern repeats, then I got it to look the way I wanted. Very happy with it!

I figured out a few visual tricks to make the webbing look a little like it was narrowing toward the wrist. The first is that I spread the gradual decreases out around the sleeve when I got to the webbing part instead of keeping them at the same decrease point, so each section got a little narrower along the way. The second is that I deepened the dip of the arcs as I got closer to the wrist.

I may be fooling myself a little bit that it looks about right, but I’m happy with it. Done and done!

I’ve got a little start with the second sleeve. Then comes some mathening as I figure what to do about decreases for the body. But that’s a struggle for a different day 🙂

If you are doing Arachne, how’s it going? If you aren’t, how is your current project (knitting or otherwise)?

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