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Not Entirely Frivolous Stash Enhancement

I just got a Tigress sock kit from Urth yarns, which I’m pretty jazzed about. Partially because it knits up self-striping tiger stripes. And partially because for each kit (or any of their yarns) you buy from them, they fund planting a tree in partnership with Trees for the Future. Check out their Story section for the ways they help their workers and the environment, and the Trees section for more about Trees for the Future, which looks like a pretty good charity.

Apparently when I don’t know what else to do, I buy yarn. In this case, that may have been at least a little helpful.

22 thoughts on “Not Entirely Frivolous Stash Enhancement

      1. I got one skein of Psychosocial – Lady Persephone Sock – Bluefaced Leicester & Nylon, and the last four skeins of The Future is in Our Hands, I’m so sorry – The English Gentleman DK – Bluefaced Leicester & Masham. I love that most of their color ways are one-offs!

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