Temple of Flora Progress

Temple of Flora is moving right along! I’m about 12 rows away from done with the right “wing”, then onto the left. Then it gets a sort of collar, some edging treatment, and done! So a lot more, really. But with mostly focusing on this, hopefully this week or more likely next week it should be done.

My big concern with this next couple of parts is managing the variegation in the yarn, as much as is practical. It will never be completely matched between the two sides, just because of how the yarn is. And that’s fine. But I think I can get it close.

Also, I’m trying to save some of the blue or aqua yarn for the collar. I don’t care for yellow, and it doesn’t look good on me, so I’m trying to manage where it is on the garment. That probably sounds goofy, but it’s true. I suspect there will be a bunch of yellow cotton yarn leftover from this project. Maybe dishcloths?

14 thoughts on “Temple of Flora Progress

  1. It looks amazing, and I would do the same thing to try to get a color match. Dishcloths would be a good project to keep in the car, they are boring, but when you need car knitting you are happy for anything.

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