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Spring May be Springing

Tree in our yard – leaves are already unfurling!

We are getting some oddly warm weather here – its been in the 50s and 60s every day for the last week or so, with more of the same this coming week! I’m always hesitant to believe it’s really time to get our plants out, because I’ve been stung on this before. But I think it really may be true this time!

I have been putting the seedlings out for at least a little while everyday to get them used to it. At first I thought we were starting these seeds really early, now I’m thinking we probably could have gone a couple weeks earlier. But this is really very early for use to get them outside. Most years it’s Memorial Day weekend just to be sure we won’t get hit with any surprise snow.

Edgar approves of this early warm snap – it means the windows are often open. He really loves laying on the windowsills with the windows open. Actually, he likes laying on the windowsills in general, but windows open takes it to a whole other level for him 🙂

Is it planting time where you are? Or not quite yet?

15 thoughts on “Spring May be Springing

  1. We’re having a cold snap so those folks who planted tender plants for Mother’s Day are having to cover and protect them. Another cold night or two before our weather pattern changes. I hold off on tomatoes until the soil is warm, maybe just before Memorial Day. The get stunted by the cold soil after being mollycoddled with warm indoor temps. No annuals yet. Maybe next week. Garden centers have opened but we drove by and there were at least 40 cars in the parking lot. Nope, nope, nope.

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  2. We aren’t normally free of snow/frost possibilities until Memorial Day weekend so only pansies go in before then. This year has been weird (in every way) and people are planting early. I hope we are beyond snow but never say never.

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  3. Winter/Summer/Winter/Summer/Undecided! Weather is very ‘British’ ha ha! Been doing a lot of clearing and cutting back in the garden when the weather is being kind, then reading and lazing when it’s too hot, no planting here yet

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  4. We are having some crazy weather right now so I’m scared to put any plants out. My mom has already put some things in her garden and they had to cover everything up because we had a freeze warning this weekend. And this was after 2 days of 80 degrees!
    Edgar is so pretty!

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