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Happy Thoughts Q&A

Karen at nothingbutknit came up with this great Q&A – check out her blog!

  • What one thing has kept you from losing it entirely the last couple of months? It can be crafting but feel free to step outside that box.
  • What meal is your absolute favorite? Be as vague or specific as you wish. Include an appetizer, dessert and drink if you wish.
  • When you think back to your childhood, what is your fondest memory? Again feel free to be vague or specific.
  • Do you plant a vegetable garden or a flower garden (or both!)? What is your favorite thing to grow? Do you ever experiment with what you grow? What was it?

My answers are below – feel free to answer in the comments or in your own blog πŸ™‚

  • Actually a bunch of things have kept me pretty steady over the last couple of months – I am still working full time, which is a blessing in a lot of ways; my DH and I are both working from home and continue to get along pretty well; my cats, knitting, video get-togethers with blog friends as well as family, Time Team, reading… The list goes on and on!
  • Favorite meal is very hard to chose – I do really like food! Favorite dessert is Funny Cake. Other than that, I can’t really pick just one thing πŸ™‚
  • I have a lot of great memories from childhood – time spent with both sets of grandparents and all the rest of both sides of my family, going to Girl Scout camp, camping vacations with my immediate family…
  • I plant flowers in planters and a little bed along my walkway. I used to plant a vegetable garden in years past. My favorite thing to grow was tomatoes. I did used to experiment quite a bit with different veggies. I think the biggest surprise success was pumpkins – one year we were overrun!

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