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Sunday, Random Sunday

Boy this weekend went fast! It’s all part of the days just sort of blurring together, I suppose πŸ™‚ Other than cooking, I didn’t get anything serious done at all. Though I did get a lot of puttering and crafting done!

The flower seeds are sprouting beautifully! Now I have to just not kill them until around this time next month, and our outdoor flower planting will be off to a decent start πŸ™‚

The sourdough starter is progressing nicely! It’s not as far along as it should be by this point according to the King Arthur Flour website instructions. However, our house is a bit cooler than what they call normal room temperature, so I gather it’s normal for it to take a bit longer to fully develop. It smells wonderful, and it is definitely active, so I’m satisfied.

My knitting projects are mostly going well, with just a minor thwarting. Following an excellent suggestion by Kelly at Knitigating Circumstances concerning my yarn substitution in the Temple of Flora shawl, I soaked and blocked what I have done so far to make sure the yarns wouldn’t grow at very different rates. I didn’t notice any difference between the two yarns when I blocked, so I think it has worked out OK πŸ™‚ I also threaded some waste yarn through the working stitches on my Arachne to try it on and make sure the size is OK and the gauge wouldn’t be too affected by my change in colorwork technique. And that is working out OK so far too!

The one crafting thwart this weekend was on the Palm Canyon KAL that started today. I didn’t care for either of the official yarns for this KAL, but thought I had found a substitute in my stash. But then that didn’t work out. Then I thought I had found a different substitute, but that likewise didn’t work. So, in the end, I wound up ordering yarn to make this sweater. Which I didn’t want to do, but … Sometimes the stash helps you out, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Are you generally able to find pretty much anything you want in your stash, or do you wind up having to buy stuff to make your random projects?

13 thoughts on “Sunday, Random Sunday

  1. Your seedlings look great!
    My stash is pretty obscene so finding something that works for most projects is possible. Often I let the yarn I want to use dictate what I’ll knit. It’s easier that way:)

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  2. I see you are using the jiffy pellets to start your plants (or a similar product). I’ve used them for 3 years and get a gray mold on the top. My seedlings are under grow lights and I don’t know if that makes a difference but once I get the mold I get damping off. This year as soon as I saw the mold I transplanted them with sterile potting soil even though I didn’t have 2 sets of leaves on them yet and they are doing wonderful. I haven’t lost any since I repotted. I had lost a few before that. I will be interested in your experience.

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    1. That’s good to know! So glad they are doing OK now that they are repotted. It’s so disheartening to lose your seedlings that way! I am being careful about how much water I give them, and also don’t keep the lid on them the whole time. We are a pretty dry climate, so hopefully we will be able to avoid the mold problem.

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  3. Your starter looks bubbly, so that is encouraging! Sometimes you have to be patient with it. Temperature definitely affects how fast it grows. It’s almost like having a pet. Actually several billion tiny pets! πŸ™‚

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  4. For the most part, I start with stash anyway — pick out a yarn and find a project for it, but I did “have to” buy some yarn for an Olive Pink shawl because I couldn’t find a mix I was happy with.

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