Arachne Update

Well, I have made some progress on my Arachne this week, and finally remembered to take some pictures outside in the daylight!

I have been focusing on it in the evenings, mostly because there is a storm of other projects coming up and I wanted to get a good start.

I am trying something a bit different with the colorwork. I did just regular stranded colorwork for the first 25 rows or so. Then once the gaps between the radiating strands started getting so long, I just worked in individual strands of the yarn for each radiating line of stitches and am doing them as intarsia. I left a ball of the web yarn attached at the first radiating strand at the start of the row, and when there’s a row that uses a lot of the web yarn, then I do that row as colorwork. Hopefully that makes sense. Here is a photo to illustrate!

It does make for quicker progress definitely! The difficulty with that is it will very likely affect the tension. if it’s just a little bit – no big deal. If it’s a lot, it may mean ripping back. Which I don’t want to do, but if it’s needed, rather sooner than later! Pretty soon I’m going to thread some waste yarn through the working row and try it on, and also see how the tension is overall.

Tomorrow the Temple of Flora KAL start, and then next week the Palm Canyon KAL starts, though I’m still on the fence about that one. So unless I decide the heck with those two things, my progress is definitely going to slow down. But hey, it’s 6 months to Halloween!

13 thoughts on “Arachne Update

    1. Thank you! I think stranding makes sense for the first bit when you really are using both colors pretty frequently. But when you start increasing and the radiating strands get much farther apart, that’s a lot of stranding. I plan to try it on this weekend at some point, so should have an idea of it is working or not soon! And yes, a plan is definitely a lot!

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