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Guys, I am nesting in a serious way. This evening I started plants for our hanging baskets and planter boxes, which I will not get to actually put outside until late May.

Normally when it’s time to do the outside planting, we hit one of our local nurseries and bring back a trunk full of plants. Maybe this year we can bypass that.

Also, Sarah at mildlygranola has convinced me to try doing a sourdough starter through the awesome power of her baked good pictures. And thank you to Sarah, Karen at NothingButKnit, and Laurie at Meditations in Motion for the advice on this topic – it was all very helpful! So here goes – day 1.

I think its breathing a little! Is that good? Bad? I do not know. But I do know I have a name picked out for this starter if it stays alive for the next week. More on this later!

6 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. I am excited for your starter. I hope it turns out. Just keep feeding it and watching it and it will be grand. I’m impressed you are starting plants from seed. I might have to do that, as I need more things to keep me busy.


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