Once and Future WIPs

With the latest socks done, I can focus on my Niazuma, at least for a little while!

The back is done and I’m about halfway with the sleeves, which are very short. They may actually get done this week. The this project is getting put away for a little while. Saturday our Arachne KAL starts – more about that tomorrow!

And then I think I may have over-committed for April. On April 10th, the Temple of Flora KAL with Franklin Habit and Maker’s Mercantile starts. The project here is a mosaic/slipstitch shawl, that has interesting shaping and looks more to me like a light jacket or bolero the way it fits. I’m pretty confident that I can handle this along with Arachne. Also, the yarn for it is really pretty ๐Ÿ™‚

And then April 14th another KAL starts – this time for Patty Lyon’s Palm Canyon sweater. While I was thinking about this one, I happened to be going through my stash and found that I had exactly the amount of yarn I needed in the right weight. I had won a sweater kit a couple years ago, and didn’t really want to make the sweater pattern that had come with the yarn, so it was not spoken for. And it is Lana ‘d’Oro alpaca, which I love! And I really like this pattern – love a V neck!

But that is kind of a lot all at once. I may put the Palm Canyon on the back burner until I have gotten a couple other things done – at least Arachne and Niazuma. At least that’s the plan right now – in two weeks, who knows!

What are you working on now, and how is it going? Do you have your next project planned out, or letting things happen as they may?

19 thoughts on “Once and Future WIPs

  1. Yesterday I thought about frogging Void, but instead Iโ€™ve just started to finish it off with the garter final edge and iCord bind off. Iโ€™ll use the remaining wool to make a matching hat and it will be a mini shawl rather than the monster sized one in the pattern. Iโ€™ve done a swatch for starting in Tailfeather so will cast that on next. Itโ€™s a summer weight short sleeve cardigan, suspect it will be more ornament than of use as we rarely get warm enough weather. But Iโ€™m stubborn and bought the pattern and the yarn seems perfect for it. You never know, perhaps we will have a heat wave!!

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  2. Wait, three sweaters in one month?? Plus the one on your needles? Go, you! My sweater has stalled for the moment, and I’m just knitting by whims, whatever sounds good when I have the time and inclination.

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  3. There is no rush to finish the KALs, so you are just giving yourself choices with your knitting. On Saturday I’ll have two sweaters on the needles, and I also have new yarn I’m itching to cast on. I hope my knitting brain comes back soon!

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