Arachne KAL Yarn and Resources

I know I have posted about my yarn for this sweater before, but I’m pretty jazzed about it, so I’m posting again.

The main yarn is going to be this Knit Picks Galileo in the Nebula colorway – it is a really deep plum color, which as it turns out is hard to photograph indoors at night. Trust me, it’s pretty 🙂 I’m doing the spiderweb in this Versailles yarn by Concept by Katia.

As far as modifications, I’m thinking about adding spiderwebs to the sleeves to sort of add to the super-villainess vibe of the thing. But maybe not. I’ll see how much of the Versailles I have left after the yoke, and also if I feel like it. I may knit it a bit longer than the pattern calls for as well – again, we’ll see!


Here are a few links to tutorials that might be helpful for 🙂

Two different videos on catching floats when you are doing colorwork:
They are both showing the same technique, but coming at it in kind of different ways.

Color dominance in Fair Isle/ colorwork knitting:

Colorwork knitting with two hands – the first two are videos and the other is an illustrated blog post with a fair amount of technique exploration:

Also, for anyone who is a Bluprint member, there are a couple good classes on knitting colorwork out there 🙂

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