Crafting Confession

I got this card in a yarn shipment today. It made me smile a bit, but got me thinking – what would my crafting confession be? While I was thinking about that, I sat down to work on my Niazuma. Now, the couple days I’ve been working on it, it has seemed kind of big to me. So after doing a row or two, I finally laid it out and measured. Yup. About 4 inches too big, even over the ease I planned for. So I ripped it back and cast on again. I recalculated my size based on the gauge from what I’m now choosing to think of as my very large swatch.

Now I did swatch, but here’s the thing – sometimes I kind of cheat on my swatches. Like this:

And for Niazuma, I actually knitted about an inch of swatch, squinted at it, said “Good enough”, and ripped it out to start the sweater. Which reminds me, I better knit an actual real swatch for Arachne!

So there’s my crafting confession. Sometimes I’m kind of half…hearted with my swatching.

What’s your crafting confession?

16 thoughts on “Crafting Confession

  1. Remember: swatches lie. I’ve knit many a swatch and had the project not work out because knitting the actual item my tension changed. I’m a firm believer in swatching and then checking your actual project and not being surprised when the gauge is different.
    My confession, oh I have a few, don’t tell anyone but I have over a hundred pair of knit socks. They don’t fit in the drawer. I keep them in a hamper. They do look pretty though. That isn’t even my biggest one. I’d say my biggest one is I like cheap yarn. Not Red Heart. But Patons Classic Wool or Premier sock yarn. They are just as satisfying to knit as pricier ones and wear as well. Again, don’t tell:)

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    1. Your secret is safe with me! 🙂
      Yes, sometimes swatches are not accurate – I’ve had a couple things go awry too. But this one is on me – I definitely did not do a serious swatch. Oh well, live and learn!


  2. My crafting confession is I only have an attention span of one month for any craft other than knitting. It’s enough time to buy all sorts of supplies that will then sit in my basement for years. Scrapbooking? In my basement. Sewing? So much fabric in my basement. Beading? Not in the basement yet, but probably should be. I wish there was a craft library so I could just borrow supplies until I know it is going to stick.

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  3. I tell people to swatch, and wash and block their swatches, but I don’t usually. You have to know your own risk tolerance!

    I am currently on the third try for my Love Note sweater. First time, I was following and gauge was fine, but I realized that the my 7 inches of the 4-12 inches of recommended gauge was way too much for a short person!

    Started the next size down. And realized that even though it was going to be better, I really didn’t like the lack of stitch definition with the loose gauge.

    So here we are, third time’s a charm? We shall see…

    I don’t mind ripping and re-knitting; I’m just passing time…waiting for more yarn to show up for other projects!

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