Wednesday WIP

Getting a start on my Niazuma tee! It is a little hard to see the pattern because theyarn color is “light absorbing black hole”. Seriously though, it’s Slate. There’s not a lot of detail to this sweater – in a few more rows I will be done with the little purled detail at the hips, then it’s straight stockinette basically forever.

I’m thinking this will be an excellent project to practice Continental purling, which I cannot do. If I can though, that will speed up the project a lot! I don’t believe this will be done by the time we start the Arachne KAL, but that’s OK. It can hibernate for a while and then I’ll come back and finish when the coolio spiderweb sweater is done!

What are you working on right now, and how is it going?

9 thoughts on “Wednesday WIP

    1. I don’t find it easier, because I am a thrower. But I managed to pick it up for knitting, and it is definitely faster. I have a Bluprint class that shows all the different knitting styles and how to do knit and purl and other things each way.
      It is a nice color – just a hair off black 🙂

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  1. I am making a shawl, Expeditious, which was going quickly, but now the rows are longer and it’s slowing down. Plus I have been away from home most every day this week, so no knitting time! Love all your sweater plans, but no spiders for me!!

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