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Tea for Two: August Uncommon

About a month or so ago, I got a shipment of samples from a new-to-me tea company, August Uncommon.

Well, I have had at least two cups of each of them and can tell you first off – there were no bad teas in this whole batch. There were a few that I wouldn’t reorder, but they were all good. So here goes:

Black Lodge: black tea with smoky bananas and truffle notes
This one is interesting. The smoke keeps the bananas from being too sweet, and the truffle scent (which is pretty light, but definitely there) makes it a little funky.

Low Country: black tea with bourbon and burnt sugar notes
This is a perfectly fine, slightly sweet black tea. I probably won’t order it again, because it doesn’t stand out particularly. Good, but not great.

Outlaw: black tea with smoke and black fruit
This is another tea that is perfectly fine, but not a keeper for me. Despite a promise of cherry pieces and cherry flavor, there was none to be had. Since I already have a go-to black tea with cherries, I would not reorder this.

Capri: Honeydew Melon fruit tea with mint
This is delicious and refreshing! If you like honeydew melon, you will like this tea. I plan to buy a big bag of this for warmer weather, and think it would be great either hot or as an iced tea.

Civil Disobedience: smoky black tea with cardamom and tobacco notes
This is another delicious one. Spicy and exotic, but still recognizable as black tea. Will definitely be ordering this one again.

Flower of My Secret: black tea with rose, cocoa and clove
Badass. All the flavors don’t sound like they would work together, but they do. It sounds like it would be old-ladyish, but it isn’t. It is kind of hard to explain, but really delicious. Will keep this one on hand!

Black Metallic: black tea with violet and elderberry
The violet gets buried, and the elderberry is kind of sour. It is an OK tea, but I’m not a fan of sour flavors with black tea.

Psychocandy: rooibos with pumpkin and caramel
This is hands-down the best pumpkin spice tea I have ever had. And I have had a lot of pumpkin spice teas. You definitely taste pumpkin, and the caramel is there too, along with a light vanilla flavor. It is a very mellow, autumn-y flavor. There will be a big bag of this in the house when fall comes around!

And the other three I talked about in the initial post about this tea. There is another set of samples on the way from this company, so you will hear more about them ๐Ÿ™‚

Had any good tea lately? Or other beverage of your choice? Do tell!

10 thoughts on “Tea for Two: August Uncommon

  1. Those are some interesting teas! I look forward to hearing about the next batch:)
    I bought some licorice spice but I havenโ€™t tried it yet. My husband has been having a cup of sleepytime every night for 2 weeks and heโ€™s noticed a huge improvement in his sleep:)

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