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Juneau and Back Again

This week was my first work trip now that I’m back in the role where I have to travel again. I went to scenic Juneau, our damp but lovely state capital.

I got there on Monday, and had a little time to wander around before getting to the work part of the visit. By sheer good fortune, there was a little break in the ever-present precipitation and we got a tiny bit of sun!

I had a little time to walk around at the harbor area, which was nice. I attempted to visit the quilt/yarn shop in town, Changing Tides

But it was closed on the one day I would have been able to get there.


Other than that, I worked. The conference room where I was working and my hotel room did have a view of the water, where I got to see the range of Juneau’s weather, from snow to rain πŸ™‚

But in spite of the weather, it was an OK trip. The work part of it went well, and I got a bunch done on my sweater, though it isn’t quite finished. More on that tomorrow.

The highlight of the trip was two assistants that showed up to help me out-

Merry and Pippin! They are the hotel manager’s puppers, and they came to visit Tuesday and Wednesday while I was working. They were sweeties, and very, very, very cute!

So all in all, not a bit first entry back into the traveling. Next week I am out again – this week to Fairbanks!

17 thoughts on “Juneau and Back Again

  1. I love a snowy mountain view, lovely. Shame about the yarn shop being closed, you know to plan your next visit (if there is one) on a day it is open lol. I wish I had been knitting when I was working in London 4 days a week. I think of how much knitting I could have got done on my travels there and back, all those times sat in airports and in my hotel room. I did see shows and films and met with friends, but overall there must have been hundreds of hours I could have been knitting.

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