Addendum to The Plan

When I set out my knitting plan for 2020, I planned to do 6 sweaters. 5 were already picked out, and there were a few more under consideration for #6. What I finally decided on was Arachne by Andi Satterlund – part of her Spooky collection from last Halloween.

I have some lovely purple yarn for the main color, but decided on pale gray for the webbing rather than the neon green.

And then along came this sweater pattern

It is Free to Fly by Catherine Clark, who also designed Ixchel, which I fell for so hard I had to make it pretty much immediately. And I’m kind of in love with this new sweater as well. This one is going into the plan for this year for sure. I’m still thinking about color schemes for it. Do I want a blue sky background and bird colored birds, or a sunset-y background and black bird silhouettes? Don’t know. But this is happening!

The big question now is am I ditching one of the previously planned sweaters, or just trying to add this in? Right now I’m thinking I will try to add it in, but that may be too ambitious. We shall see!

What projects are you dreaming of?

20 thoughts on “Addendum to The Plan

  1. Those are great sweaters! I was going to suggest you make a list in order of how much you love/want the sweater and then start knitting. You can reevaluate the list as you’re ready to cast on the next sweater. You’re always free to add more to the list and evaluate again:)
    I’m feeling in the mood for a sweater but not until all my socks for grad school are done:)

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      1. That is a really fun idea! I’ll be doing it in any case, and if other people are interested, it would be fun to do it together! Think about when would be good to start it – early to mid September? We would want to be done before Halloween…

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      2. I’m thinking a rustic black or deep purple yarn with a cream web. I’m not going to do waist decreases, because when you are shaped like an apple they are demoralizing. I’m considering steaking it and making it a cardigan. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. It’s currently my favorite daydream knit.

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      3. That all sounds like great options! I have been wondering about a steek too, because I definitely wear cardigans more than pullovers. But not sure. This is going to be fun! 🙂


      4. I think if you use a wooly yarn it could work out fine! There is a yarn dyer on Instagram – numruse – who did hers as a cardigan. She posted a lot of notes on what she did.


  2. Oooh I love both of those sweaters! I’m glad you’re going to do both. I am dreaming of an robins egg blue fine knit pullover with lace at the bottom, kind of like Jamieson in The Shetland Project. I am also fantasizing about footie socks for spring.

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