Ixchel is Done!

I got finished knitting Ixchel earlier this week, then my Mom very kindly wove in my ends (I have an awesome Mom!).  I blocked it yesterday, and this morning it is ready to go!  

I could not be happier with it.  There are one or two things I’d do differently if I was to make it again (which I don’t plan to, but you never know).  In the bottom band of the body, where there are arrows and starts going down to the bottom ribbing, I didn’t strand my work on every row.  There were some rows where the yellow stitches were just too far apart to justify carrying it around, I thought.  So I went back later and duplicate stitched the yellow in there where called for.  That fairly substantially changed my gauge.  So if I ever do it again, I will just carry the yarn.  I was a little concerned with running out of yellow, which turned out to not be a problem at all.  The kit for my size came with 2 skeins of yellow, one of which I never got into at all.  I still had around a quarter of the skein I did use.  So running out would not have been a problem.  Though of course, I didn’t know that when I was doing it.  

But anyway – it fits, I’m happy with it, and I’m very glad I jumped it to the top of my queue!  

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