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Happy Lunar New Year!

This afternoon DH and I went to a Chinese New Year tea at one of our local tea shops – Indigo Tea Lounge.

We went to this same event last year, and it was mostly the same – a huge bunch of delicious food, tasty tea, and some fun treats to take home 🙂

Here is the menu describing the food – all lucky and all very tasty. We spent a couple hours sipping tea and eating and talking – it was a really nice afternoon! As we paid, they gave us red Year of the Rat envelopes with fortunes in them, and little red takeaway containers with a mandarin and some candy in them.

(They didn’t give us the little rat planter – I bought that at the grocery store. He is included for decorative purposes.) Just like last year, I really enjoyed this tea. Already looking forward to next year!

10 thoughts on “Happy Lunar New Year!

  1. Gung hay fat choy! We were away for the new year for DH’s birthday, so I had to make jai for my Mom in advance of the new year. It’s a stew of lots of different vegetables and fungi, full of symbols, too. Now I’m hungry again!

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