More Archaeology Bingeing with a side of Knitting

If you have been following along, you may recall that I hit on a British archaeology TV series and was bingeing away. Well, we are still on the same series! Time Team lasted 20 seasons, and they are all solid gold. We have been watching on Amazon Prime. There a couple of the earlier seasons they don’t seem to have, but they do have most of them. We just got into season 11, and are still enjoying it tremendously. Time Team ran from 1994 until 2013, so it is not a new show at all, and I had seen references to it here and there, but had never seen it until recently. If you enjoy archaeology at all, I highly recommend it!

So that is the majority of what I did this long weekend. We had a pretty quiet Thanksgiving. I make my homemade pizza for Thanksgiving dinner, as usual. We did get a lot of chores and organizing done this weekend as well, but mostly what we did was watch Time Team and goof off.

While we enjoyed some quality British archaeology, I picked my Forest Weave top back up. I just checked, and it has been hibernating since late June. Oh well, hopefully I should be able to finish it by the end of the year!

Also, since I don’t have an office project going right now, I cast on a little cowl with one of my souvenir skeins from Las Vegas – the pattern is the Rock Climbing in Vegas Cowl, designed by Debbi McCarty and given away free with purchase of a skein of yarn at Sin City Knit Shop.

It doesn’t look like much yet – I just wanted to get it cast on and started so it can be in my desk drawer at work for lunch and boring phone meetings 🙂

For Americans, how was your Thanksgiving weekend? For everyone else – how was your weekend?

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