Marlisle Mitts – Insiders View

Now that I have finished the first Delftig mitten and started the second, I can show you the inside (or back) of the knitting along with the outside (or front). Since they are knit in the round, the inside of the hand is sort of where all the magic happens to make the pattern. Here is the pattern that will show on the back of the hand.

Marlisle is mostly stranded two-color knitting, except for the marling part. For these mittens, the marling is the purl outline of the diamonds. For the marled stitches, you hold both of your colors together. I would normally not leave floats this long, but the designer tells you specifically not to catch the floats, as it makes the fabric too stiff. This is not superwash yarn, and I suspect it will felt a little on the inside anyway.

The pattern on the palm side of the mittens is a little less clear, though it is very warm and textured!

And that’ s my progress on mitten 2 so far! I am going to be alternating working on the second mitt with trying to finish my Forest Weave, which has been waiting to be picked back up for a few months now!

How are your projects going? Kitting or otherwise!

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