Perfect Blend Shawl is Done!

I got done knitting my Perfect Blend shawl Thursday night, which was a relief – it’s another one of those project that felt like it took forever, though objectively it wasn’t that long. It was waiting in hibernation for a few months, but that’s not quite the same thing as working on it for all that time.

Anyway. I just lightly blocked it by soaking and draining it, then just patting it out into shape. I didn’t use any pins or wires or anything, because it didn’t really need it. It’s another big one! I tried laying it out on my washer and dryer, and then had to make extensions by stacking boxes and wash hampers off to the sides to be able to lay it out full length. Excuse the terrible nighttime indoor pictures. Hopefully better daylight ones tomorrow!

Above is the whole thing, and below is the last section. I won’t bore you with close ups of each of the sections, as I showed them off before ๐Ÿ™‚

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