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Termination Dust

We have a couple signs that fall is here in Alaska – it gets colder, the leaves turn, the fireweed flowers finish blooming, and we get termination dust on the mountains. It’s called that because it’s the termination of summer. For the summer, we don’t have snow on the peaks we can see in Anchorage – when you can see snow again, winter is coming soon. We actually got termination dust a couple weeks ago, but I have been in denial.

I got this photo on our way into work on Friday (I wasn’t driving). That’s definitely snow. And here’s the other sign

The majority of the trees we have here are birches, so we don’t get different colors of autumn leaves, by and large. We get gold, which is also pretty!

I can’t deny it any more, fall is falling. How about where you are?

16 thoughts on “Termination Dust

  1. We are into spring and started daylight saving yesterday (Sunday 29th). The general trend of the weather has been for the better, but it has also been very unpredictable. In other words, typical spring weather. πŸ™‚

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  2. It was 90 today, so it doesn’t feel like fall. Our burning bush is just starting to change, but the rest of our trees are still green. It should cool off tomorrow, which would be great as I don’t want to run the air conditioning in October.

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