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Crazy Halloween Lady

I am a crazy Halloween lady. It is my favorite holiday by far. October 1st is the official start of the Halloween season for me, and it goes on until a couple days into November.

So when I found out that yarn dyers were starting to do Halloween yarn advent sets, chaos ensued. So many options to chose from! Some people were doing minis for all 31 days of October. Some were doing minis for days 1 – 30 with a full skein on the 31st. Some sets have a project bag thrown in there. Some dyers were doing a more modest 13 day advent, with the same general options.

When the dust settled, I wound up with two different Halloween yarn advent sets. Still not 100% sure what happened – it is all a blur.

Set #1 is a 31 miniskein set from Msmonstercreations on Etsy, which has a Nightmare Before Christmas theme. That is the colorful envelopes to the right. Set #2 is a 13 day one, with 12 miniskeins and a full skein on Halloween, by Stitch Together Studio. It is called “Unlucky 13” and has a horror movie theme in general.

Not actually an organized person, but an incredible simulation!

I am super excited about both these sets, and am really looking forward to opening them and then eventually doing something with them! What will I do with them? No idea. There are a lot of nifty patterns that use mini-skeins. Or who knows – maybe I will design something with them.

Today’s mini is called “I Looked Behind the Cyclops’ Eye” and looks like this…

This is not a great photo, but the yarn color itself is beautiful – it has a cream base with greens and blacks, and dashes of red. Very Nightmare Before Christmas 🙂

How about you – Halloween yay or nay? Any Halloween yarn coming your way this October?

14 thoughts on “Crazy Halloween Lady

  1. Sorry, I’ve never been a fan of Halloween. The whole thing has only really gained momentum in New Zealand in the last couple of decades with the influx of American TV programmes and their influence. It has no real relevance here and is just a big commercial venture.

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    1. That makes sense. Although I think the holiday has roots in parts of Great Britain, I think it’s only really a big deal here. Parts of it are definitely commercial, but it’s a holiday with lots of happy memories for me from childhood 🙂

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  2. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! How did I not hear about these? I love Halloween. I love mini skeins. It is a very good thing I didn’t know Halloween advent calendars were a thing because I would not have been able to say no. I can’t wait to see the other yarns you get.

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