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Earlier this month, I wrote about my Mom and I doing a ceramics event to paint sugar skull mugs. Last Friday I got the call that they were fired and ready to be picked up, which was much earlier than we were told they would be ready. So YAY for early pickup!

Mine (the one with the orange interior and the big spiderweb on the back) turned out more or less like I hoped it would. Not great, but OK!

But Mom started turning hers over and saying things like “Oh darn, the hearts I painted on the eyes and the teeth didn’t turn out!” and “My little spider on the back isn’t here at all!” Then we both realized – it wasn’t her mug at all. This is her (much nicer) mug.

Mom’s mug – accept no imitations!

After a couple of days of trying to call the ceramic studio and getting no response, I kind of feared the worst. Somebody else in our class rooked the good mug!

We finally just went to the studio, and it turned out they had only fired two mugs and assumed they were ours. Mom’s actual mug hasn’t been fired yet. Whew! So the imposter mug has hopefully been returned to it’s rightful owner, and we eagerly await our mug. Hopefully a bit later this week!

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