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Be True to Your Skull

For a change of pace this evening, Mom and I went to a ceramics studio and painted Day of the Dead skull mugs!

When I was a kid, my Mom was big into ceramics. I often went with her and made various things, but she was really very skilled at it. She went to classes and learned all kinds of techniques and made some challenging pieces. Over the years, I learned a fair amount from her and from the owner of the studio we went to, but was never anywhere near as good as she was. Eventually I became too cool to go to ceramics with my Mom, and she drifted away from it too, moving on to quilting and other crafts.

But when the listing for this class came up in my feed, we thought it might be fun to try it out again. And it was! The “class” itself was not very good for a variety of reasons. Also, the brushes and other setup they had there were not great. However, we had a good time, and I think came up with some reasonable sugar skull mugs!

Mine has the orange interior and Mom’s has the green. These are glazed and still need to be fired, so these are not the final colors. Hopefully they will be a bit brighter than this when they are really done. We aren’t going to win any skull mug painting contests with these, but that’s OK. We had fun, and Mom is now wondering if she kept her old brushes and tools somewhere…

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