Flying Brioche

This weekend my knitting time was focused on the Flying Leaves brioche scarf. This is the project I ordered yarn for, as I had nothing suitable in house for it. So the yarn I ordered

turned out to be problematic.

I utterly failed to be enchanted by this yarn combo. The yarn is fine. The colors are fine by themselves. But together – dull as dishwater. I could not get this project going. The first time I started I messed up the two-color Italian cast on about halfway through casting on the 291 required stitches, so I ripped and started again. The second time, I got to row 6, but had messed up something in row four that proved to be pretty much impossible to tink back. So I ripped and started again. When I was casting on for the third time, I had to admit to myself that I just hate this color combination, and could not stand to look at it for the time it will take me to finish this scarf.

I was just getting ready to tell DH we needed to head to Michael’s the next day to find replacement yarn when I remembered one place I hadn’t looked – the scraps bin! And as it turned out, I do have something that will work. The leftovers from my Geek-A-Long blanket!

I have a bunch of the pale gray that was the background for all of the squares, and also these dark blues and purples. The dark skeins are three different colors, but they are close enough that I am 100% comfortable using them as the dark color in the scarf.

So that done, this morning I cast on again. (On the plus side, I am becoming a champion at two-color Italian cast on.) And everything just flowed. I got a whole pattern repeat done with no hassles at all.

Just 7 more repeats to go!

Tomorrow I’m back to my SIL’s socks. Not sure if I’m doing one on weeknights and one on the weekends, or just alternate every other day or what. But it’s nice to be going on it!

Have you ever had that situation – you are stuck on a project until you make the change that just makes it all click? Details please!

12 thoughts on “Flying Brioche

  1. I’m glad your second attempt stuck. It looks great! I like the new colors better too:)
    I tend to force myself to keep going even when I’m not happy. Then later in the project I admit that I hate it. It’s not the best plan.

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