Geek Afghan – Assemble!

In the overly long pause since last I posted, I have been having a busy time of it.  Busy at work and busy with my craftiness as well.  In addition to my Ambah O’Brien knitalong, I finally got everything organized and have started putting my Geek-Along afghan together.  I started by organizing my blocks.  They are meant to be double knitted, and for people who actually did that, they just need to organize and join.  I didn’t do that, instead knitting them as either intarsia or stranded, depending on the circumstances of the pattern. I decided to put the afghan together with blocks back to back, so I wouldn’t have a huge afghan and also so I wouldn’t have to deal with weaving in ends.  That meant the first thing I needed to do was pick which blocks were going to be on which side.  This could have been as easy as DC on one side and Marvel on the other, except for 2 factors:

  1. I had a slight imbalance, as I made one of the bonus squares which was Marvel, and didn’t do one of the DC squares to keep to 48 squares.  So that’s a 2 square imbalance.
  2. In both universes, there were some characters I either didn’t have any knowledge of or didn’t like.

So I decided to go with Side 1 being characters I liked or at least knew who they were slightly (and I’ll be honest here, some are in more because I like the idea of them rather than know who they are). and Side 2 being character I didn’t know or didn’t like.  Then once that was done, I organized them, trying to not have the same color bunched up anywhere, and trying for a balance of visually “heavier” blocks mixing with visually “lighter ones”.  In as much as that is possible. So here’s what that looked like:


It’s not perfect, but also not bad, I think.  It’s kind of loud, but it’s a comic book afghan.  It would be more surprising if it wasn’t.  The designers made a good decision in having a finite set of colors – that kind of keeps it toned down as well.  So once that was in place, I stacked the blocks back to back in order by the rows.  Then it was time to crochet!

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t really know how to crochet.  A kindly coworker took pity on me and showed me how to do what needed to be done.


Line them up back to back, making very sure the tops of both are at the top, and so on.


Then do single crochets through both squares.


Then do single crochets through the edgings of the squares that need to be joined together.


Continuing to make sure that that squares’ tops are all lining up and so on.


Then get some cats on your lap and watch Hot Fuzz and crochet away!  I currently have the bottom row done and am about halfway with the second from the bottom.  (I started at the bottom because that part will be near my feet and I won’t have to look at my wonky stitching as much. )

What is everyone else doing?  Any Christmas knitting?

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